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What is a Wellness Clinic?

A wellness clinic focuses on preventative health and optimizing well-being through comprehensive care. Our clinic addresses the whole patient to boost vitality and help you thrive.

Holistic Approach

We go beyond treating illness to promote total mind-body health. Our holistic methods address nutrition, movement, mindfulness, community, and purpose - all core components of wellness.

Our Services

Personalized Programs

Care plans are custom-tailored based on lifestyle, genes, lab testing for nutrients and hormones, and health goals. We partner with you for life.

Latest Advancements

We offer cutting-edge diagnostic testing, nutrition plans, hormone therapies, aesthetic treatments, and holistic modalities. Our exceptional providers integrate both traditional and progressive approaches.

Why Wellness Matters

Leading longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives is dependent on prioritizing wellness. Our clinic can help you reclaim your potential.

Disease Prevention

A focus on wellness significantly lowers risks for chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Optimizing health now pays dividends later.

Energy and Resilience

Balancing hormones, nutrients, sleep, stress levels, and fitness provides lasting vitality. You'll feel biologically younger and bounce back faster.

Healthspan > Lifespan

Living long means little without quality years. Our integrative care helps you function at a prime level throughout life's phases. Wellness boosts healthspan.

Come experience comprehensive wellness care and start thriving today.

Custom Wellness Plans

Our clinic offers customized wellness plans based on your unique needs and aspirations. Key components include:

Diagnostic Testing

We thoroughly assess nutrition, hormones, metabolites, genetics, and risk factors to uncover opportunities to optimize wellness from the inside out.

Nutrition Planning

Specialized eating plans and nutraceuticals address nutritional gaps, metabolism, inflammation regulation, gut/microbiome health, and other factors influencing wellbeing.

Innovative Therapies

From testosterone and bioidentical hormones to peptides, PRP, and stem cell treatments, we offer the most advanced therapies to restore function.

Lifestyle Redesign

Evidence-based coaching on sleep, stress, community, nature exposure, sexuality, purpose, and movement empowers lasting behavior change for wellness.


For over 15 years, in has set the standard for exceptional wellness care for men and women. What sets us apart:

Leading Specialists

Our clinic is directed by Dr. Johnson, a highly respected authority in anti-aging medicine. Our providers adhere to clinically-proven best practices.

Personalized Therapies

From testosterone and growth hormone to thyroid and adrenal support, we create fully customized therapies using the latest advancements.

Seamless Care Delivery

Our coordinated team, convenient locations, virtual options, and insurance expertise ensure a stress-free process. You're supported each step.

Service Description
Diagnostic Testing Comprehensive assessments of nutrition, hormones, metabolites, genetics, and risk factors
Nutrition Planning Specialized eating plans and nutraceuticals for optimal wellbeing
Hormone Therapies Testosterone, bioidentical hormones, peptides, and other advanced treatments
Lifestyle Coaching Evidence-based guidance on sleep, stress, community, purpose, and movement

Advantage Benefit
Leading Specialists Directed by respected authority in anti-aging medicine, adhering to best practices
Personalized Therapies Fully customized hormone, peptide, and other therapies using latest advancements
Seamless Care Delivery Coordinated team, convenient locations, virtual options, and insurance support

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At, we believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our team of leading specialists provides personalized care plans that integrate the latest advancements in diagnostic testing, nutrition planning, hormone therapies, and lifestyle coaching. By optimizing your overall wellbeing, we aim to help you prevent diseases, increase energy and resilience, and maximize your healthspan – not just your lifespan. With our seamless care delivery, convenient locations, and insurance expertise, we make it easy for you to prioritize your wellness journey. Reclaim your potential and thrive with.

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