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Estradiol is a major female sex hormone that plays crucial roles in sexual development and functioning. Specifically, estradiol is a type of estrogen - a category of sex hormones prominent in biological females. What are some key functions of estradiol?

Where does estradiol come from? Estradiol is mainly produced by the ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat tissue in females. Smaller amounts are also made in males. Key notes: How do doctors test estradiol levels? Doctors can measure estradiol and other sex hormone levels through a simple blood test. Testing may be recommended for issues like irregular periods, infertility, or early/delayed puberty. Results outside the normal range could indicate a hormone imbalance or disorder requiring treatment. However, there is some natural variation in levels. In summary, estradiol is an integral sex hormone that coordinates female growth and reproduction. Blood tests help doctors assess estradiol status. Abnormal levels may signify an underlying condition needing attention. For more information, please visit Renew Medical Center.

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